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                                 Provence, FR

E v é n e m e n t s :

  • 2017 : Salon REVELATIONS, Grand Palais-Paris

  • 2016 : Lauréate nationale 3ème prix, NIVEAU III : PRIX AVENIR MÉTIERS D'ART-INMA  voir vidéo


F o r m a t i o n s :

  • 2016 : DMA CERAMIQUE, Lycée Léonard de Vinci, Antibes (06) FRANCE

  • 2014 : BTS DESIGN GRAPHIQUE, La Martinière Diderot, Lyon (69) FRANCE

"I was born far in the Haut-Var’s countryside, in Provence, where I used to run barefoot in the grass. You could find me climbing trees and telling myself wonderful stories. During my walk, here and there, I was picking up small
treasures that caught my eyes because they were different and unique. My younger self spent days deconstructing, assembling, and transforming small
things she had in my hands. Give me a pen and I would scribble, draw my inner worlds, those hidden places that want only one thing: being brought to life. A craving desire to give body to the earth, to bring my paper worlds to life dwelled inside me, begging me to use different medium and matter so they can be born in
my reality. Those little stories were wandering for too long inside my head. My work helped me, through plastic and graphic arts, to give them birth so I can share them with you today."

With a BTS graphic design diploma and ceramic artistic profession diploma, I combined my two expertise to give birth to a graphic and plastic universe through daily objects or sculptural pieces. I was influenced by Chinese and Japanese culture since I was young. I am telling stories through my phantasmagoric figures, imaginary entities that come from my own tales and legends. Born with a pen in my hand, comics and cartoons gave me the desire to live my stories with
something different than a paper sheet. The urge to use more volume was growing inside me. I am giving birth to my suspended worlds with my most favorite matter: the earth and more particularly, stoneware.

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