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S E A S O N  #2

The desire to travel was too strong, again. Since my last journey in 2017, I was pining to go on a trip. So, I went to Italy and Slovenia, two countries I wanted to visit for a long time now. First step: the frenetic Venice for only three days. I really prefer the peace I feel in the countryside with its big and quiet wild areas. Let us
go North to see the Dolomites. Here I am, finally, lost in the Italian nature. Unfortunately, the capricious weather did not allow me to wander around these vertiginous mountains. However, I was lucky enough to explore around a bit. Now, it is time to leave for Slovenia, the country of lakes and rivers. I stayed for a good week to discover the Triglav National park and Soča’s valley. Even though the weather was bad, the rain was like a symphony that gives a very special atmosphere to those rural spaces. I think I have found my little paradise, my quiet and peaceful place. The rain dropping from the sky fills the rivers that overflows with such power, a power that makes the soul beats in your heart like a waterfall.
Everything seems to resonate strongly with autumn colors. I would love to stay here longer, but I must go to my journey’s last stop: the capital, the lovely Ljubljana. I am sad to leave this incredible nature behind, but I am happy to be able to set foot on this colorful and quite city. I made a friend there: The Great Iron Dragon. He will guide me through the most famous places.



the traveler goes on a journey

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