Vagabond Flower Blower

Vagabond Flower Blower

Entity embodying the species of our world: between humans, animals, plants and minerals. They are wandering, benevolent and protective beings who move from dream to dream. As they travel, they pick up a whole bunch of objects, abandoned houses, abandoned dreams that they accumulate on their backs.

These debris are the memory and the testimony of their experience, of their history.


Each Vagabond is unique, here we love the difference and the singularity, there are no two the same in the world.


Piece modeled by hand in white chamotte stoneware, fired twice in an electric kiln at 980 ° C and 1250 ° C and covered with a titanium-based glaze, homemade.


H: 7 cm



  • smooth white stoneware
  • titanium white glaze
  • dried flower
  • cotton string
  • hand painted calabash