Flask n ° 3

Flask n ° 3

Stoneware utility piece made using the pinch technique, decorated with a brush and fired twice in an electric kiln at 980 ° C and 1250 ° C.



H: 11.5cm D: 6.5cm



  • smooth white stoneware
  • coloring oxides
  • matt glaze
  • Cork




n ° 1: Put a magic potion that will make you fall head over heels in love with the chosen one of your heart! (No, please, consent is important anyway.)


# 2: Put a poison against all those who do not contribute to a better world! (Really, don't do that, you'll go to jail and that would be a shame.)


n ° 3: Hide alcohol and drown the answer to this famous question: What is the meaning of life? (Drinking alcohol is dangerous for your health, consume in moderation.)


n ° 4: And then, there is my solution, the safest, the most healthy and the softest, to put pretty flowers in it and it's as easy as pie!