Vagabond bell

Vagabond bell

Decorative stoneware piece made in stoneware and fired twice in an electric kiln at 980 ° C and 1250 ° C.



  • Chamotte and smooth stoneware
  • cotton string
  • wooden bead
  • paper printed with a hand-engraved stamp


“The fūrin (風鈴?), Or Japanese carillon. This word is composed in Japanese of the ideograms“ wind ”and“ bell. ”This wind chime is a traditional Japanese decorative object. It is most often made up of a small bell hanging from a window frame and ringing with the force of the wind.

These chimes create a sound by knocking or clanging their clapper. In Japan, this object is very frequently hung above patio doors in summer.

Many Japanese feel a cooling sensation when they hear the sound of a chime. It is an emblematic object of the summer. "


You can write a wish, a mantra or a sweet word on the back of the label, the energy and the sweetness of the wind will prevail.